1. Surplus Swaps
    We host seed swaps, plant swaps, harvest swaps, (crop swap), preserved food swaps, etc. in public locations to encourage a sharing of surplus and to start conversations surrounding homesteading and local food. 

    swap means an exchange, and a surplus can include excess seeds, plants, canned goods, ferments, home made items, farm items, knowledge, skills, tools, etc. 
    This program includes lectures AS WELL AS hands-on Workshops teaching the value of seed saving and what it brings to our community.  The foundation to a local food movement is seeds, but often this element is overlooked and under rated. We plan to bring local food to the center of our community conversations by using seeds… and their stories. We hope to cultivate local seed stewards who become partnered growers to help us develop local seed stock. 

    -The first series of presentations that we are presenting in our community is on the importance of Seed Saving and helping our community to understand the big “WHY” we are seed saving in the first place. (10/15/16 @ Brown County Public Library). 
  3.  PARTNERED GROWER PROGRAM / SEED LIBRARY – Brown County community members commit to growing out seed stock for a seed library locally. A seed library is a place where people can “check out” seeds with the hopes they can return some of the saved seeds from that crop to the library for others to check out. 

    What this means is this: Families volunteer to donate a % of seed that they grow back to the Seed Library Seed Stock in which SEED Brown County is handling for NOW – until a committee of volunteers can operate the library at a public Location in which is selected and accepted by the community, for the community.  The Public Library is the preferred location for SEED BC Seed Library.

    Eventually, there will be enough seed to provide seed for partnered growers from our own (the community’s) bank. The seeds are public domain and SEED BROWN COUNTY is helping to “seed” the program, but eventually it will be a community/cooperative that is cyclical in nature.