Upland Rice. Available through Brown County's SEED Lending Library .

Ohoyzu Soybean initial seed stock was grown in Northern Indiana and graciously donated to our seed project. To learn more about this bean, follow this link: http://www.sherckseeds.com/pages/seeds/legumes/soybeans/ohoyzu-soybean/

Our Gaspe' FLint Corn seed stock was grown out in Northern Indiana. This corn is available through our seed lending library and more information can be located here: http://www.sherckseeds.com/pages/seeds/grains/corn/gaspe-flint-corn/

Our initial grow out seed stock of Shinonome Soybeans​ have been grown in Northern Indiana. They have been graciously donated by a grower in Bristol, Indiana. Please see resource page for this great soybean. http://www.sherckseeds.com/pages/seeds/legumes/soybeans/shinonome-soybean/

The initial grow out seed stock of our red headed quinoa was grown in Northern Indiana. It has been graciously donated by a grower in Bristol, Indiana. Many details for growing this crop can be found here: http://www.sherckseeds.com/pages/seeds/grains/redhead-quinoa/

All seeds that are seen on this site are available to our community members to grow out. Most of our seed stock has been grown in Indiana and was graciously donated by a seed grower from Bristol, Indiana. Please visit www.sherckseeds.com where you will find lots of information on how to grow the seeds in our collection.

Gopal Barley. Grown in Northern Indiana and donated to our seed project. It is available to grow through Brown County's SEED Lending Library. 

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We have over 65 heirloom varieties of grain, corn, beans, herbs, flowers, and wild foods grown here in Indiana. These images are just a taste of our collection which are available to our community members in Spring 2017. 

Brown County Seed Lending Library

The Seed Library’s Mission is to increase the capacity of our community to feed itself wholesome food by being an accessible and free source of locally adapted plant seeds, supplied and cultivated by and for Brown County residents. 

SEED Brown County offers educational classes and workshops in order to grow the community’s collective seed knowledge! Everyone is welcome to join us as our seed classes are free to the community.  We will support you through your growing season with seeds, mentorship, and knowledge on how to process and handle your seed harvests. Our hope is that you can commit to growing varieties and donate some back to the seed lending library. Join our fun community of seed savers!